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Painting With Dreams takes cues from Tritonal’s unique melodic stylings while also pushing the boundaries to create an updated sound wholly their own. Lead single “Broken” featuring Grammy-nominated Adam Lambert on vocals is a wide-ranging modern track featuring distorted vocal samples, humming bass, and warm synths. “Blackout” deep sub-bass track with dark snares and alluring vocals from Steph Jones. “This Is Love” is a high-energy fusion of progressive and house elements. Angel Taylor’s superior talent really shines through on “Getaway” as her soulful vocals over uplifting synth rhythms, making it one heartfelt record. It’s a perfect entry point for Tritonal into the pop charts.

Here’s some words from Tritonal’s, Chad Cisneros…

Our new album “Painting With Dreams” is now available Worldwide! So much gratitude for you guys, we’ll allow the music to speak for itself.

Be sure to grab your copy of “Painting With Dreams” and check out what’s in store as the album tour touches down in Tampa Halloween Weekend!

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