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With his ‘This Never Happened’ concept becoming one of dance music’s word-of-mouth success stories, Lane 8 aka Daniel Goldstein proudly announces his second artist album, ‘Little By Little’, on his own This Never Happened label. 
Due for release in January 2018, ‘Little By Little’ distills Lane 8‘s unique flair for melodic, heart-warming electronics, traversing reflective electronica, instrumental club epics and left-field pop moments alike.  
The album tour will see Lane 8 DJ tracks from across the album and his rich discography – including new edits, club mixes and remixes.  
As This Never Happened shows, Lane 8 will again ask all in attendance to connect with each other and the music in the purest possible way. As such, no phone cameras or filming will be allowed on the dancefloor.  
Leave your phone. Experience the moment. This Never Happened. 

The ‘Little By Little’ Tour comes to Tampa on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at The RITZ – Tickets go on sale Friday, October 27, 2017 at 9am est.

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